Food Chained Podcast

Food Chained is a short-form podcast presented by Perfy, a low sugar soda enhanced with nootropics and adaptogens, exploring the problems in our food system and the brands that are solving them. Every week, we share conversations with startup food & beverage founders and operators who are on a mission to make a positive, healthy, and ethical impact on our world. APPENDIX: Episode 1 - Fatima-Zohra Hakam of Zora Chocolate | Episode 2 - Damien Law of Effin' Good Snacks | Episode 3 - Kayla Castañeda of Agua Bonita | Episode 4 - Dr. Ryan Lowery of and ASPI | Episode 5 - Matt Parry of The Good Crisp Company | Episode 6 - Dr. Kirten Parekh of Klora | Episode 7 - Kirsten Sutaria of Doozy Pots | Episode 8 - Jake Deleon of Fila Manilla |