Our Story

Perfy’s story starts about 5 years ago when a series of tragic events happened in my life.

In 2017 my mom was diagnosed. Later that year, my older brother Ralph had a stroke and is still partially paralyzed to this day.

In 2018 I lost my best friend Scott to an accidental fentanyl overdose and my cousin to diabetes.

In 2020 I lost my old roommate of 5 years to suicide.

Then the pandemic hit.

And in that same time frame I lost another dozen friends.

As a result I developed some terrible habits, put on a bunch of weight, and developed pre diabetes (which I’ve since reversed).

I needed to climb my way out. And in doing so I wanted to help others going through what I was going through.

So I created Perfy. A low sugar soda for a happy you™.

And I named it after my mom who is thankfully here to see it. ❤️

When I was just two years old I’d say “hey ma you’re Perfy.” So I named the company after her. 

I hope you enjoy Perfy as much as I do. And with each can, we'll honor our loved ones. 

Signed Vasa Martinez
Vasa Martinez

Founder & CEO

Me and Mom

Me and Mom